For 40 years Colorificio Mazza has produced and distributed paint and other decorative products for your home, office and commercial properties.

The company was started by Alessandro Mazza, and he still works alongside his children Umberto and Francesca.

Opening 18 October, 2009, with a new logistics and

production facility, Alessandro’s idea became an industry reality.

Colorificio Mazza is now capable to fulfill any project, whether personal or commercial, with a complete paint line for interiors as well

as exteriors.

Attention to the quality of raw materials, an avantgard

production plant, an efficiant commercial organization, and qualified assistance pre and post sale allows Colorificio Mazza’s products to enter the marketplace with the hightest quality.

The new line of decorative paints has allowed Colorificio Mazza to expand their distribution of highest caliber products internationally.

Great taste and some refinement of our decorative products

satisfy the needs of our most stylish partners with the active collaboration of Colorificio Mazza to personalize their products.

With passion for the work, the search of innovative products continues. The strength of our partner relationships are the base of our

continued growth.

MISSION  The Company and its employees, are engaged in ever changing trade and production environments, having the values of ethical and responsablity as anchor. These cornerstones of family life have become pillars for our future.