Product approved for use in accordance to the L.277/91


Colorificio Mazza’s Asbesto Encapsulation process consists of 3 phases and 3 products:


    Primer A

    Finish B

    Finish C


PRIMER A Filling Layer in the cycle of encapsulation of artifacts in cement-asbestos.  Styrene-Acrylic Resin based product in aqueous emulsion penetrates deeply into the carrier giving the finish coating a fixing power that is strong and lasting.


FINISH B and C  Elastometric Protective coating designed to be fixed upon the asbestos support fibers in artifacts of deteriotating and chalking asbestos-cement

Components.“B” and “C” are products having the same characteristics. The differentiating factor between the two components is the difference in colors. It is necessary to point out both the wear that occured on the color that was previously applied, and therefore provide for a subsequent treatment, to ensure that in painting comp. “C” has been carried out on the “B” component evenly.


The coating, at full cycle (After Primer A, Finish B, and Finish C have been applied), has characteristics of excellence resistance to abrasions and weathering.